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The Periscope Felicitates with Nigeria At 60, A Diamond Anniversary Worthy

The Periscope Global Publishers felicitates with Nigerians as they mark 60 years of milestone; Diamond anniversary of their unity in diversity.

In spite of the seeming imperfections that beg for system review: epileptic democratic experience before 1999; isolated cases of the seeming politically motivated ethno-religious crises; farmer-herder conflicts; insurgency; banditry; kidnapping; raping and cankerworm corruption, Nigerians have every reason to celebrate the epoch making Diamond anniversary.

In spite of the oil bunkering, financial looting, economic sabotage and poor funding, health and education sectors that experience series of industrial actions, have made marks global over, to have worth anniversary celebration more than sports, movies and music are honoured.

Though most of the hospitals are summarily dysfunctional such that the big in government and those who could afford, will have to opt for medical tourism, Nigeria still records medical breakthroughs; successful kidney transplants, separations of siamese twins and other globally acknowledged complicated procedures.

Though education is in a sorry story, Nigerians make good students, having excellent results; the citizens in Diaspora equally make excellent students, lecturers, medical doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, name it.

Suffices to say, notwithstanding the seeming imperfections in the system, in the process of time, Nigerians shall achieve their goal of an egalitarian, just and equitable society, as every learning curve in the democratic journey is negotiated holistically.

Nigerians as a country, a critical thinking politician would articulate, have every cause to be grateful to their Creator, not because they have achieved their developmental aspirations, but essentially, because they have made considerable progress.

As Rt Hon. Abraham Ingobere, the Bayelsa State Speaker would say, unknown to many, the often touted dividends of democracy are not roads, hospitals, schools, and other physical infrastructure, because even the most brutal of military dictatorships, sometimes, provide all these.

The real dividends of democracy includes respect for the rule of law as exemplified by humility and tolerance of the leaders, respect for human dignity and freedom of expression, among others.

The maturity, civility and spirit of accommodation demonstrated so far, is very uncommon, considering the spirit of historic circumstances.

And like Ingobere would confidently say, “we believe that, with the leadership pedigree at the national and state levels, enduring legacies in actual democratic dividends that will make our nation an envy to all will be bequeathed,” only when in God lies our trust.

Happy Diamond Anniversary!



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