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Anti-EndSARS Group Frustrates Criminal Protest In Adamawa, Cross River, Other States

The Periscope Reporter

A riot is a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property or people. Riots typically involve destruction of property, public or private. The property targeted varies depending on the riot and the inclinations of those involved. (Wikipedia).

A protest is demonstration is action by groups of people in favor of a political or other cause of concern; it often consists of walking in a mass march formation and either beginning with or meeting at a designated endpoint. (Google).

Any protest lacking leadership and rules of engagement will definitely degenerate to anarchy as it is being experienced in Edo, Lagos and Abuja among other states in the country with the #EndSARS.

#EndSARS though has leaders when it comes to fundraising and spending, lacks leaders for the protest turned riot.

In Calabar, #EndSARS protest faces stiff resistance by the critical thinking youth against the criminal thinking rioters.

Calabar youth will not want destruction of lives and properties, which is considered as legacy of the #EndSARS protests turned riots.

The spokesmen of the strategic thinking youth have jointly put a point to the protesters to stay clear of the state to avoid the fist of fury for, peace against pieces

Calabar is a port city in southern Nigeria, near the Cameroon border. The capital of Cross River State, it sits on a hill near the Calabar River and the Cross River delta. (Google)

In Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, the strategic thinking youth group simply reminds the #EndSARS rioters that Yola isn’t the cocaine, as the name connotes in another clime but a land with fresh air, the beauty of which lies in her peace, love and unity in diversity.

Parts of the northeastern state have suffered devastating effect of Boko Haram insurgency that reduced Yola to refugee camp. She is still battling with the activities of kidnapper kingpins, rape, clashes between farmers and herdsmen and other criminalities.

Violence, vandalism and other obstructions associated with #EndSARS should not at all be added to the misfortune in the state. The critical thinking armless youth, without any placards, simply tell the protesters in the practical language they could comprehend that #EndSARS protest isn’t fashionable in Yola, they should take it further away from the state last they are visited with the fist of fury.

Yola, a central senatorial district, is the capital city and administrative centre of Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria. Located on the Benue River, with daytime temperatures can easily exceed 40 °C during the dry season, she is split into two parts.

The old town of Yola where the Lamido the Monarch resides is the traditional city but the new city of Jimeta is the administrative and commercial centre. Generally the term Yola is now used to mean both.

To the north are the Mandara Mountains and the south are the Shebshi Mountains with Dimlang Peak the second highest point in Nigeria after Chappal Waddi, Yola is an access point for Gashaka Gumpti Nature Reserve and the Mambilla Plateau. (Wikipedia)

Sequel to the federal government’s directive, the states have constituted judicial panel of enquiry into alleged brutality of the Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The strategic thinking youth would ask, what does the protesters want again if not ulterior motive?

The youth in most parts of the northeast and indeed other states have rejected the rioting associated with #EndSARS protest, have instead, placed and displayed placards in a working warning against insurgency, as they sue for peace.

“We honour the appeal of our President for peace, Muhammadu Buhari, echoed by the governors, that in as much as protest is tolerated, it should be done peacefully, armless and harmlessly to ensure the spirit of harmony as much as we acknowledge the favourable response to the request to disband SARS.

“We consider the projection, by Global Risk Firm of the post Covid-19 violence by means of protest, where were classified as volatile countries like Nigeria, which articulated that:

“The economic impact of coronavirus is a ‘tinderbox’ that will drive civil unrest and instability in developing countries in the second half of 2020, according to new analysis. Highest risk countries facing a ‘perfect storm,’ where protests driven by the pandemic’s economic fallout are likely to inflame existing grievances, include Nigeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Algeria, and Ethiopia, the analysis said. Thirty-seven countries, mainly in Africa and Latin America, could face unparalleled street protests for up to three years, global risk firm Verisk Maplecroft warned.”

Maplecroft is a global risk and strategic consulting firm based in Bath, UK. Its work includes analyzing key political, economic, social and environmental risks affecting global business and investors. Maplecroft is regularly quoted in the media, particularly on political risk, economics, and the environment. Wikipedia.

“We don’t want to have our state and country degenerated into anarchy. We’ve had enough,” Anti-EndSARS group member tells the Periscope Reporter in Yola.

The Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Adamawa State, Dr. Umar Garba Pella has equally placed a note of caution with the following non-partisan, non-romantic piece:

When the Protests Mature To Full Blown Anarchy, Note the Following About the People You Know and Love:

1. “`The 14 to 45 year old males will be bearing arms directly whether or not they like it. About half of them will die within the first year of conflict. At least 30% of females in this age range will be raped and probably killed.“`

2. “`The bulk of 0 to 13 year olds will grow up as orphans. 10% will be killed in the first year and another 50% will perish from neglect in subsequent years.“`

3. “`The population above from 46 to 65 years will have their dreams finally destroyed and will die out rapidly from lack of a will to survive the hardship and stress.“`

4. “`The population above 66 years will have no support to survive and will die slow lonely deaths, some through starvation and neglect.“`

5. “`Crime rates will multiply ten fold given the unbridled access to arms and ammunition. There will be no safe havens given current trends.“`

6. “`Life expectancy will drop to 21 years from the current 47 years.“`

7. “`If the conflict lasts longer than one year the worlds largest refugee problem would have been created. Nigerians will flee into Niger,Togo, Ghana, Chad, Benin Republic and Cameroon. A one way journey for most as these countries are completely unprepared for the potential influx of humiliated Nigerians.“`

8. “`Through CNN, Aljazeera, SABC, BBC and other media houses we will become the global laughing stock with no idea of what next to do.“`

9. “`Present day uncompromising voices will run away to safety. Shamelessly so.  The afore mentioned victims will be drawn from ordinary folk.“`

*No one (North, South, East, or West, Christian, Muslim etc) will be immune.*




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