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ADAMAWA: A Pedophile threatens brothers’ minor he molested, says he is wealthy enough to proscribe prosecution

The Periscope Reporter

The place is Bako Ward, behind Musdafa Primary School, Yola ancient city, central senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria.

The date is Friday; a 12-year old girl was molested by a neighbour old enough to be her father she mentioned his name as Amadu Aliyu.

The minor narrated that the alleged pedophile sent her to buy N100 recharge card. Taking advantage of the absent of other tenants, he lured her to his room to molest her. It would have been terrible but he would have to pull out when heard the voice of his daughter who returned from school.

The alleged pedophilia daughter is about the same age with the molested minor he should have played the good Samaritan to have sent her to school along with his daughter he would not want to have molested and would spend fortune to ensure that anyone who would assault his daughter must not eat his cake and have it.

On Saturday, the brothers to the molested minor tool their sister to a dispensary that lacked the capacity for comprehensive examination and investigations. They were referred to the Federal Medical Centre FMC Yola.

The health facility sent the case back to Adamawa Hope Centre, in Jimeta, Yola south LGA, where rape case are being attended first before being referred to the FMC when necessary.

The alleged pedophile denied that he committed the offence he was being accused. However, only him and the minor’s father could tell what inducement to have mortgaged the conscience of the latter to want to betray his daughter begging for justice.

The case was filed at the Wuro-Hausa Police Division in Yola. Adamawa Coalition Against Rape ACAR, was also communicated to by the concern citizens. A representative called for the details and begins to monitor every move without being noticed.

The coalition insisted that settlement out of court should not be tolerated. Investigation by the Hope Centre revealed that the minor was touched. She was placed on some drugs before the results of other investigations would get to be ready, latest by Friday.

The alleged pedophile was to be detained at the Wuro-Hausa Police Division. However, he pretended that he has complications resulting from ulcer that was about terminating his life, or so the survivor’s family were notified to have warranted his release.

ACAR insisted that the alleged pedophile was scheming to evade detention, he should therefore not be released as the coalition would take responsibility of whatever could have happened to him as he claimed, while on detention.

The ACAR’s position came too late as the accused was released long before the coalition could get to be notified.

When the survivor’s family insisted that ACAR be notified on the development resulting to the release of the accused, they were told that Human Right group would only money not directly be involved in the case.

The alleged pedophile, some minutes after release from detention, was seen proudly cruising around in his vehicle, perhaps to intimidate, impliedly proving to the members of the community that there was value for money in one eating his cake and have it.

The alleged pedophile and the survivor with her parents were asked to report to the police station the following day, being Sunday.

Survivor’s father, in a telephone conversation with ACAR representative, seemed under pressure to withdraw the case for out of court settle, was asked if it were to be the other way round, would the seeming pompous, arrogant and alleged beastly play down the assault against his daughter?

The minor’s did not see any possibility of being forgiven if he should molest the alleged pedophile’s daughter.

The survivor’s brothers were under pressure mounted by some seeming unpatriotic members of the community to withdraw the case from the police for settlement out of court.

They were no more in control of the case as ACAR has taken over. ACAR representative has dutifully asked the ward head to disengage himself from the case in order not to be interpreted as he was being supportive of the predator against the prey, because any intervention supporting negotiation for settlement out of court is suggestive of complicity to the assault.

Why would the alleged pedophile plead for settlement out of court when he kept on denying that he has assaulted a minor?

The ward head said he was being told that it was just an attempt as he did not completely penetrate but why the pains and why the drugs given by the Hope Centre

The ward head claimed, as was reported to the ACAR that the minor was after all discovered not to be a virgin. Who made the discovery the alleged pedophile? And whether or not virginity determines rape.

It was also said that the alleged pedophile had the intention of marrying the minor. Can any sensible person degenerate to being beastly to rape a lady he would want to marry?

The Wuro-Hausa police division has done the needful by transferring the case to the CID office for further investigations and prosecution.

About a month ago, ACAR visited the District Head of Yola, Chika Soro Adamawa, Alh. Ahmad Musdafa to register their displeasure on the activities of wards head in matters relating to rape cases where predators are supported to have the prey suppressed in the name of having the case settled out of court as this could result in depression.

Chika Soro has assured that he would invite the entire wards head in his domain and discourage them from supporting predators against the prey among other issues

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa declared that rapists, especially the pedophiles are inexcusably cruel, and clearly cultists whose beastly act should remain unpardonable and should be decisively dealt with based on the law.

Newsmen called to confirm the incident from the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Sulaiman Yahaya Nguroje but his line was not going through.

Adamawa State Police Command has been arresting rapists of recent in the state.




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