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Mechanic Shop Scandal: Against Wailers, Segun Vindicates Idi Amin the LG Chair

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The mechanic shop scandal that went viral some months previously in Yola, the headquarters of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, between a Yoruba mechanic called Segun and Hon. Idi Ali Amin, the distinguished chairman, Maiha local government, who holds a traditional title of Rumbun Adamawa, has finally put to rest with the court striking out the case, putting to naked shame the wailers and politically motivated conspirators as participating spectators.

“Court case closed, wailers are put to shame before the court of public opinion, Dr. Idi Ali Amin can now have a peaceful private life and politically uninterrupted executive duties,” SSA on Media to the local government chairman, Malam Abdulganiyyu Nuhu Pakka said while speaking to the Periscope.

The video of the scandal, alleged to be sponsored by some local council chairmen suffocated by jealousy that their colleague was getting more recognition, locally, nationally and internationally, with multiple achiever’s awards and Fellow Membership honours, went viral on social media where, having taken advantage of his tragic flaw, the actual prey was reduced to predator.

A Yoruba seeming apprentice was heard from the background conspiring to Segun not to worry, that he was video recording the incident, perhaps with the fraudulent intend to blackmail, when Rumbun Adamawa was denied being refunded the money charged for the service the mechanic failed render, which he surrendered to the Divine intervention and was provoked beyond patient, when he requested for his vehicle and Segun denied that Hon. Idi has any vehicle at the garage.

Wailers and the venomous jealous politicians, failed to realise that the incident occurred about 8 months earlier than when the sponsored video, courtesy of the alleged anonymous elected chairman, was shared on social media.

The wailers and the venomous jealous politicians, who instead of taking the scandal to be between Idi Amin as a person and his long time mechanic, who received a whack for disappointing and provoking his ten fold exploited customer, “they translated it to be, not only between the local council chairman but also the elected under PDP and an ordinary Mechanic”, even though the vehicle in question was a private and the scene of the incident was not anywhere close to Maiha local government.

The wailers and the venomous jealous politicians instigated the mechanic with questionable professional integrity as later revelations by customers who have similar or worse experience would expose, to challenge the about 8 months old incident before the law and that they would provide the services of the lawyer free of charge as was alleged.

The wailers and the venomous jealous politicians who ensured that the video went viral, lambasted and lampooned, catastrophically catapulted, castigated and character assassinated Dr. Idi Ali Amin, the Hon. Chairman Maiha local government, Rumbun Adamawa and indeed the PDP as nurturing irresponsible, impatient members; ignoring the previous experience where the state house of assembly speaker, elected under APC, just before the present administration, was accused of slapping one of his security attaché; a policeman, among other allegations.

The intent and purpose, the critical thinker could conceive, was simply to depopularise the distinguished chairman, to tame the Rumbun Adamawa and to rubbish to dust Idi Ali Amin’s political prowess.

The chairman of Maiha local government, elected under PDP umbrella, a victim of the vindictive, is however vindicated; his character is now excused from being previously accused and his provoked attitude blameless.

While the class of covered conspirators, cocooned in human rights activism called for court case, the conference of conflict reconciliation was current and concrete.

Segun the mechanic, like William Shakespeare’s Launcelot Gobbo in “Merchant of Venice”, was left with two choices; fiend and conscience, coordinated by friendly conflict reconciliation on the one hand and the corrosive conspiracy on the other hand.

Like Launcelot would say “the fiend is at mine elbow and tempts me…” the Segun shunned the court case as medium of conflict reconciliation, dictated by conspirators for which option the competent judge struck out the case; done deal, signed and seal.

The withdrawal letter was presented to the High Court Judge on December 15, 2020 and the case was dismissed on December 21, 2020.

Now where are the wailers? Where are the venomous jealous politicians? They must be hibernated, defamed and shamefaced; Rumbun Adamawa is vindicated

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