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Monarchy In Tangale: Against Antichrist, Anarchists should have taken the Jalingo-Maiha path to justice

The Periscope reporter

* I can’t be intimidated by blackmail, religion isn’t a criteria for chieftaincy selection – Gombe Gov

* Smoke, maiming, murder, against maturity, moral sensibility, Mosques, market, malls, Muslim stores, shops others razed down

Tangale chiefdom, Billiri local government, Gombe state, northeast Nigeria went into flames, smoke, blood, maiming, mayhem over Mai Tangale traditional title.

Three days of anarchy in Billiri chiefdom last week have spelt doom to motorists and travellers to and fro Adamawa and Taraba states as the rioters out of alleged rumour and conspiracy to blackmailing the governor of Gombe, the silently performing jewel in the Savannah.

In other words, the highway was blocked by the bereft of conscience who not only razed down their chiefdom but also trampled on the fundamental human right relating to freedom of movement, peace and mutual coexistence as though making mockery of a monarchy for a month in mourning.

The protesters took to mounting roadblocks with impunity and burning of tires on the streets; houses, market and Mosques were also among the areas touched while trying to be tough on the state governor to do their bidding by appointing whom they considered as legitimate Mai Tangale, a first class traditional chief in Gombe state.

Delegation from the Tangale chiefdom had on January 14, visited Yola, Adamawa state to participate in the funeral rites of Queen Aishah, known as Hajja Loddo, the mother of the district head of Jalingo-Maiha, Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman, whom a High Court in Yola has declared worthy of the stool over two years ago and affirmed by the Appeal Court judgement delivered about six months ago but still waiting for the governor’s assent.

The delegation, having participated in the funeral prayer among other burial rites would have to register an excuse to be disengaged for mourning of their monarch, Mai Tangale, His Royal Highness, Abdu Buba Maisheru II, who was reported to have been called to glory.

Jalingo-Maiha lost the queen mother on January 13, 2021.

One of the The Periscope’s reports on the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha lamented that the demise was either too soon or the delay in the appointment of the legitimate district head by the Adamawa state governor, as declared by the courts of law was unfortunate, to have denied the queen mother from witnessing the coronation of her son as the legitimate district head.

The delay in the approval of the appointment of their district head about 6 months after the determination of the appeal court does not make the genuine citizens of Jalingo-Maiha to take up arms against the community in the name of revolt against government’s inaction for what ought to have accorded prompt action.

There have been aborted struggles, the conspiracies aimed at planting anarchy in the monarchy for over six years with the death of His Highness, Alhaji Abubakar Sulaiman the district head of Jalingo-Maiha and the Ubandoma Mubi.

The death has metaphorically brought to a halt any meaningful progress and development in the local government the governors were said to have visited while only seeking for votes during campaign.

The legitimate aristocrats with the genuine indigens would not want to harvest, would not allow the indigent of morality, the marauders to mutilate the mosques, malls and the market, to maim the Muslims in the central worship place in the name of murder, a misnomer misnaming the monarchy with anarchy.

The aristocrats simply resorted to deploying the services of the law for the interpretation and the media to make viral, exposing how the venomous infectious misnomer was “aristocraticlinicleaned” against collateral moral and monarchical damage.

What have the motorists, joined by the passengers for the well-intentioned journey, the mosques and markets, the shop and storehouses among other properties got to do with the selection and the final appointment of the Mai Tangale of Billiri?

The Bilyamin, the Billy and billionaire investors the state would want to lure to the area would want to have the marauding, the maiming and murder in the name of monarchy explained other than conspiracy for blackmail, the Gombe governor would theorise.

Although, Jalingo-Maiha was and is still facing the consequences of the delay in the approval by the governor, of the appointment of the district head; although Maiha is the only local government in the northern senatorial district and perhaps the state as a whole that governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa has not step his foot about two years after campaign and elections; the local government yet to be blessed by state government project, the local government chairman was adjudged to be the principal promoter of the governor using the press; advocating for tenure elongation because, according to him, Fintiri was simply over speeding with an overdose of achievements, pointing out that the governor has executed projects within one year, what should have been achieved within four years.

These, the theorists of romantic deconstruction would attribute it to a strategic diplomacy aimed at promoting peace, propagating patience; image laundering! damage control!

Although the defeated in alleged conspiracy would not stop weaving a plot against even the state governor with blackmail, as alleged, using a law chamber said to be floated by a senior special assistant to the state governor as captured in the Periscope’s report of January 26, 2021 with the title: “Monarchy In Maiha: Group Challenges Adamawa Gov, Lawmakers, Emirate Council, AG, DH, Others Before The Law”, the peaceful community would not be coerced into anarchy.

The report read in part thus:

“Disappointed, embarrassed, shamefaced and humiliated by the courts ruling that favoured the Mubi Emirate Council’s selection and recommendation that declared the heir to, Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman as the legitimate district head of Jalingo-Maiha, a group called Nzanyi Youth Concern Cooperative Society Ltd has filed a case against Adamawa State Governor, State House of Assembly, Mubi Emirate Council, Attorney General, Barr Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman the court declared district head, and the four others who contested for the district headship.

The case, contracted to S.J. Wugira & Co, was on December 18, 2020 registered in the High Court of Justice ADAMAWA State, Yola Judicial Division, as signed by the assigned; S.J. Wugira Esq, S.G. Udoh Esq and J.I. Ofuokwu Esq.

The group’s prayer is for the court to nullify the the nominations, the selection, the recommendation, the High Court judgement and the determination of the Appeal Court that declared Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman to take after his father as the legitimate district head of Jalingo-Maiha”.

A non romantic deconstruction has pointed out shortcomings of the prayers as presented before the law where the contestants to the stool have no case to answer, where the constitutional recommendations, not the executive, the legislature or the judiciary as a unit, should so be singularly challenged and where two villages; Wuro-Kawu and Jalingo-Maiha whose heads nominated Barr. Mahmud Abubakar, the Emirate Council’s unanimously selected, presented for governor’s approval and the courts’ declared legitimate district head of Jalingo-Maiha that have been in existence prior to plebiscite and that which have been generating revenue with the village heads receiving salaries, were fantastically by the agitators, technically disqualified from being part of the district or perhaps the country.

Where additionally, the appellant as a group registered only as a cooperative was formed long after the selection processes she so challenged and after the expiry of the dates within which to register dissatisfaction of judgement, among other weaknesses.

The aristocratic controlled instrument of media mediation in Jalingo-Maiha was not idiotic, would not take to Idi-a-sa-tion of the ever peaceful Makkah and Madinah put together modelled monarchy, she instead sued for patience, peace, tolerance and mutual coexistence, justice, moral sensibility, societal reorientation and monarchical correctness, rule of law and legitimacy of the monarchy against the anchored or crudely choreographed anarchy.

The Billiri anarchists with the alleged intent to intimidate by blackmailing the state government were alleged to have deployed the services of some newsmen bereft of conscience, against media ethics, with some social media handlers to glorify the ethno-religious predators’ mischief against the citizens and the state.

According to Gombe state governor, “I have noted with dismay the dangerous campaign of incitement and polarization waged by some unscrupulous elements on social media.

“I am also calling on the media to refrain from promoting fake news and other divisive and inciteful narratives.

“Losts of lives and properties would have been averted had the anarchists resorted to taking the path of law than using violence to arrogate to themselves both the law and the policing,” a Tangale with conscience would moralise.

The point however is that the anarchists of Tangale monarchy were fed with a clearly Antichrist rumour and conspiracy aimed at blackmailing the Gombe state governor who was yet to approve the appointment of any candidate to the Tangale chiefdom, how and for what reason would they go to court?

In a state broadcast on Saturday, February 20, Gombe state governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, having commiserated with the casualties of the anarchy, reiterated that he would not submit to intimidation and blackmail, the twin instruments of conspiracy and that those he considered as conflict merchants would be fished out to face the law.

“I wish to assure you that in line with my oath of office, I will do everything within my powers to protect the lives and property of our innocent citizens.

“We are a people known for our cherished peace and stability. Violence, sectarianism and extremism have no place in our culture and tradition.

“Those conflict merchants who seek to profit from this violence by setting brothers upon brothers, families upon families, and communities upon communities, will soon be made to face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

The governor denied that he has approved the name of any candidate presented to him as selected by the Tangale kingmakers. Even though he has the ground to appoint any of the three candidates submitted to him to the Mai Tangale chieftaincy.

“Fellow compatriots, you are all aware that following the demise of His Royal Highness, late Abdu Buba Maisheru II, and in line with established laws and traditions, we set in motion the process for the selection of a new Mai Tangle.


“The process, which was transparent and devoid of any interference, led to the forwarding of three (3) recommended candidates by the Tangale Traditional Kingmakers, from among whom I will select the candidate to fill the vacant stool of Mai Tangle as the law provides.

“As a governor, I approached the Mai Tangale succession process with high sense of responsibility. Because, as part of Gombe State’s cultural tradition, any decision I take will have far reaching implication on not only the Tangale chiefdom but the entire Gombe State.

“That’s why I undertook widespread consultations, conducted background checks and engaged in personal reflection in order to arrive at a decision that is in the best interest of the people and the state.

“Let it be clear that it is within my powers as governor to appoint any of the three recommended candidates to become the new Mai Tangle.

“Let it also be clear that no official pronouncement was made about any candidate before, during and after the eruption of violence in Billiri Local Government Area.

“The violence was orchestrated by some unpatriotic individuals who thought they could blackmail the government into announcing their preferred candidate.

“Let me make it clear that our administration will never cow into any blackmail, threat, intimidation or witch-hunt from any individual or group no matter how highly placed.

“The people of Gombe state have a history of peaceful coexistence and interrelationship among our various tribes and religions.

“This relationship should not be allowed to suffer because of the selfish interest of some violent minority who seek to turn the succession process into a religious contest.

“The succession battle is a Tangale cum Gombe State affair and all the three recommended candidates are eminently qualified Tangale princes by virtue of their royal ancestry to the Mai Tangale stool,” the governor explained.

The governor pointed out that professed faith was not a criteria for the selection of the Tangale chieftain and that was where the religious bigots got it all wrong when they could not use ethnicity to disintegrate the entity and disenfranchise a candidate from among the Tangale aristocracy by ancestry.

“By history, and in accordance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, religion is not a criteria in selecting the new Mai Tangale or any public office for that matter.

“The eruption of violence in Billiri LGA has left us with no option than to declare a 24-hour curfew to further stem the spread of violence, loss of lives and destruction of property.

“To this end, Government is withholding any decision on the new Mai Tangale until normalcy returns to the affected communities,” he said.

The governor has called on the stakeholders to prevail on their people, sue for peace and save the state from degenerating into the republic of ethno-religious anarchists.

“Government is calling on our traditional, religious and opinion leaders to prevail on their people on the need to remain calm, peaceful and law abiding.

“Government will vigorously discharge its role of protecting innocent citizens and combating criminality and violence anywhere in Gombe State”.

“Government in collaboration with relevant Security Agencies has put in place adequate measures to ensure the protection of lives and property of all the people living in Gombe State.

“Our cherished peace and stability in Gombe State is bigger than the selfish interest or ambition of any individual or group.

“Finally, let me use this opportunity to thank the good people of Gombe State and our friends across the world for their continued support and prayers, especially in these trying times.

“On our part, Government will continue to pursue its genuine developmental agenda for all our people across all areas of our economic and social endeavors.

“We will neither be blackmailed nor distracted from our noble path of maintaining peace, promoting friendly coexistence and delivering democratic dividends to all our people.

“The task of providing peace and development in Gombe State is a collective responsibility that all men and women of goodwill should join hands to promote,” he said.

Contributing, Yunusa Abubakar, a social commentator challenged the Gombe state government for compensation, where he said that the casualties of lives and property should be duly compensated and those who are credited to the lost and destructions should be brought before the law.

The candidate whose name has caused the maiming and mayhem should not be appointed Mai Tangale.

It is long overdue for Jalingo-Maiha to have their district head appointed, about six months after the appeal court determination.

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