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Tribute by the class of 2018 ‘B’, Konngol SylverTongue in respect of Ibrahim AbdulAzis, the class representative

It is our honor to speak today about Ibrahim Abdul’azis. We wish we were talking at his rather retirement party or any other attained feat instead of his funeral.

(1) It’s quite heart rending and blowing to have learnt about his demise.

(2) An Iroko tree has fallen.

(3) An inspiration to the young and aspiring practitioners in the journalism profession.

(4) Dodged in assignment and fulfilling in promise.

(5) Humorous in conversation and hilarious in socialization.

(6) Assiduous at an assigned work and stern with facts.

(7) Jovial by nature and accommodating to all.

(8) Open minded with constructive criticism and less economical with the truth.

(9) Trusted, confidant and approved by international colleagues as typified by VOA colleagues, Alheri and others in a special programme anchored in respect of him.

(10) A reservoir for news reportage amidst dwindling and scarce news stories, affirmed by VOA, hausa service.

(11) Up and doing in fatherly responsibility and promising in husbandry.

(12) Happy and excited at success but moody and aggrieved at disappointment and failure.

(13) Religiously tolerant and expressly unequivocal in assertion.

(14) Ecstatic at managing time and prudently reliable in mandate delivery.

(15) His departure to the great beyond has left many, skeptic of the certainty of life.

(16) Virtually everyone’s eyes turn red and watery owing to his demise.

(17) The joy and happiness of many seem dashed at the stance of his departure to the land of no return.

(18) Oh death, why this friend of all at this least expected time?

(19) The pains inflicted in us by his sudden demise is so cruel that daylight is turned to nightfall.

(20) No one sees clearly around due to the lurking darkness at the absence of the Illuminator.

(21) Like an orphan we are left to wander around without direction and guidance.

(22) Not are we gripped by melancholy but clawed by the fierce bruce cruelty of the death that took him away from us.
Your worthy character traits will forever be modelled after, and imbibed. Until we join You in the hereafter, Rest on dear!!!

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