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ADAMAWA: Where Govt Fails To Provide Portable Water, Abdu Intervenes In Dollars As A Social Responsibility

The Periscope reporter

* Assures intervening anywhere there’s a call for portable water

* Urges politicians to join in such philanthropic gesture, not to wait till electioneering atmosphere

Water vendors who take advantage of the inability of the government to provide portable water to the citizenry, selling at exorbitant rate – nearly unaffordable to the poor – may soon leave Yola or find another source of survival, the residents in Yola South local government area of Adamawa state were heard celebrating.

A technocratic philanthropist, Alh. Abdullahi Ahmed, popularly known as Abdu Dollar has responded to the community calls for water, in the ancient city of Yola – the seat of religious and traditional authority, where flyovers are not earmarked.

“Can one who is thirsty to the point of death think of flying over anything? He would first need his life saved with water”. The residents would remark.

There are taps in houses in Yola but water is not running. Some areas experience floods during rainy season but there is no tap water flooding.

The rich could only sink boreholes where it is possible or build reservoirs or provide water storage facility and contract water trucks to be supplying water to the house as a remedy to the government’s weaknesses in the issue of portable water.

The poor could only trek to where the liberal rich could allow water to be fetched from their houses or should they afford it, would have to make do with water vendors whose source of water is mostly unknown; could be unhealthy.

An estimate of fifteen million naira was said to be presented to the Philanthropist Abdu Dollar as the amount to be sufficient for repairs and servicing of water treatment plants and other items required for efficient and effective provision of water in Yola South local government area.

Having provided the sum, already necessary equipments required to make tap water run without hitches were procured and Abdu Dollar himself has today, Tuesday, April 27, 2021 presented the equipment to the general manager, water board in charge of Yola South.

Dollar said that he responded positively to the collective community cries for water as a social responsibility and for the sake of Allah SWT, adding that whenever and wherever there is need for such intervention he would use his resources to give the necessary attention in the provision of water.

Water is life, nothing can be done without water, will there be purification in religious terms without water? Can the call for water be ignored? How hygienic is the society lacking water? Survival would have been possible in an open desert.

Dollar has called on the politicians to be engaged in such philanthropy as a social responsibility, rather than wait till the electioneering atmosphere.

The electorates, Dollar observed, are now better informed and have redefined the credibility, capacity and capability of those politicians seeking for elective positions.

Benefitting communities include but not limited to the following:

* Wuro Hausa, Damdu Water Supply and Booster Station.

* Wuro Hausa Maternity, Malajiri Pumping Station.

* Yelwa Damare, Mbamoi Pumping Station.

* Damare Old Police Station Pumping Station.

* Sanda Water Works Pumping Station.

* Yola Jippu Jam Pumping Station.

The Periscope has on Monday reported that there has been River Benue between but there is no tap water in Yola; water treatment plants are clearly dysfunctional and water vendors take the advantage, selling twelve jerricans cart at the highest cost ranging from N400 to N500 in other parts of the Yola ancient city.

The floodgate of reactions that greeted the report have revealed nasty water scarcity story in other local government areas of the state.

If fifteen million naira – not one hundred million or a billion naira – donated by an individual would be enough to provide tap water in Yola, it would mean that less than ten billion naira could provide portable water across the state, bearing in mind the River Benue between.

The Yola South community has commended Abdu Dollar’s commitment to philanthropy, recalling how he doled out millions of naira to build state-of-the-art, spacious Friday mosque at Damare ward, how he is intervening in the facelift of the primarily school he attended and how his dollars contributed to the activities of FMC Yola Hospital Paupers Fund, among other interventions.

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