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Jumua’t Qutba: Continuous Devotion Justifies Acceptable Fasting I

The Periscope reporter

Some people do say that they would want to do something to someone but they are constrained by fasting, hence suspend every onslaught till after the month of Ramadhan.

Imams are agreed that continuous supplications, devotions, peace, patience, perseverance, generosity and tolerance even after the blessed month of Ramadhan jointly justify that a faithful has had acceptable fasting and strengthened faith.

The Qutba teaches that what one restricts himself in conduct other than the spelt out abstenance in the month of Ramadhan, should carry out the fasting of it throughout his entire life.

The Qutba observes that today being the last Friday, indicates that the blessed month has but few days to go, as much as the indication of unconscious, gradual, abstract movement of the faithful closer to their final resting place, while they are being distracted by worldly pursuit.

The poser for a reflection, by the authority of the Qutba is “how prepared are we for the final hour?”

How acceptable is one’s fasting as an act of Ibadat, as an obligation?

How does a faithful spend or utilise his time in this blessed month? Is he among the gossip group? Does he backbite and/or is he a backstabber?

Does the faithful spend more time reciting Qur’an, attending tafsir and supplications in complete submission to the Creator or he spend most of the time – he does not own – watching music, movies and sports?

Is he among the gambling group or simply a card game player?

The last 10 days of Ramadhan has a night that is worth more than a thousand nights – the night of power – how is the faithful struggling to be among the blessed for the Lailatul Qadri?

It is indeed the night of annual budget; who will get what, who will loose what, who will give birth to who and who will die and when? etc.

The Qutba teaches that whoever does not do good, keep to promise, properly manage unconscious bias in the month of Ramadhan, he should be counted out of those with complete piety; he should be treated with the trust to a fox.

The Qutba teaches how Zakat el-fitri is measured and when and who to give to, after spelling out its significance.

The Qutba Identifies injustice, inequality, weaknesses associated with leadership and fetish practice among others to have been the causes of insecurity.

“There should be God-fearing followership to be able to have God-fearing leadership,” the Qutba would emphasise.

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