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OPINION: A nation in a precipice of self destruct.

By Yunusa Abubakar

We are a people with no moral verve to assess our greatest destruction.

We are all contributory to our unsavory predicament.

We see leadership as a sole responsibility of the political leaders elected by the people.

We are vociferous in lamentation with no tangible and feasible solutions to the myriad our problems.

We must learn to understand that family institution is the reflection of our core being and values.

Any failed family institution is a reflection of a collapsing country.

How many of us have internally assess our Parenthood credentials as parents and how many of us tolerate the decadence of our misdemeanor as parents?

A society like ours is built by societal values and ethos.

Our carefree life manifested in our inabilities to raise morally grounded citizens is what we all are excruciatingly facing today.

A typical African society recognises the moral discipline of our wards without a question asked.

Today, we do not questioned where our children feed or fend for themselves.

We have relinquished the parental responsibility of Parenthood for impressing others.

We cannot own up to reprimand our kids as they go wayward for the skewed parental and filial love we have for them.

How many parents today can overtly facilitate the incarceration of their kids for unknown crimes committed by their so loving and criminally minded wards?

How many parents take pains to even visit their wards in tertiary schools?

Your sons are fast turning into criminals and your daughters are today prostitutes who give their bodies for pecuniary gains and results.

How many parents force and challenge their wards to school when they have not adequately made provisions for their survival and moral upkeeps?

Today, our graduates are mostly thieves and prostitutes.

We as parents look at the graduation day with no reason of monitoring wards as parents.

We truly ask for it and we must live with the grim circumstances.

Parents are gold and as such protective of their wards by toiling to make them greater and better people than what they can ever be.

The family institution is dead and as such, we must work as true parents to revamp it in our little ways.

We cannot be parents when our children’s financial demands are not made.

We cannot be called parents when we allow our offsprings to hawk their bodies or our sons be compelled to go criminal in their living lives.

The political leaders are overwhelmingly overstressed by the litany of our collective laziness.

They are elected by the cash they doled out for their self vested interest, then what else do you desire from them?

We must revamp and reinvent our glorious culture and subvert the western epistemology that we hardly understand or grossly not plantable in our society.

No nation can prosper when the family structure is in tatters.

A word is enough for the wise.

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