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Against Disinformation, Mischief, Malice, Atiku Didn’t Abandon Mayo-Belwa – Jada – Ganye – Toungo Road As VP

Setting The Record Straight, Rather Apolitically

By Ibrahim Bagudu

This piece is not intended in anyway to take away any credit for the current re-construction of the Mayo-Belwa – Jada – Ganye – Toungo road from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari but to dispel the erroneous impression being created by some that His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar has not done anything to improve the condition of the road while he was Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When the country returned to democracy in May 1999 and Alh Atiku Abubakar became Vice President of the country the road was under construction by Sterling engineering company.

The contract was awarded by the defunct PTF. By the time the PDP government of Obasanjo came into power Sterling company executed the contract and laid asphalt up to Sugu in Ganye LGA but the narrow bridges on the road were not part of Sterling’s mandate.

Thus we got ourselves into a dangerous situation where from Mayo Belwa to Sugu the road was smooth but the bridges on the road were narrow and single lane.

That situation was dangerous and Atiku Abubakar ensued that the problem was addressed before it causes further damage and a contract for constructing bridges on the road was awarded to Dekit construction company.

Dekit construction company constructed the wide bridges that replaced the narrow single lane bridges at:

1.Mayo kalaye,
2. Mayo Mbulo
3. Ma ngalbi,
4. Mamokan and
5. Sandoka.

Dekit construction company went on to construct bridges crossing rivers and streams where none exists before from Sugu up to Toungo and beyond.

The following are the bridges that were
Constructed in this phase:

1. Sugu
2. Dissol
3. Ma nyrbbam
4. Gamu
5. Makong

(after Toungo)
6. Mayonga
7. Daga
8. Ma kunsum and
9. Suna wala.

Apart from the award for the construction of wide bridges across rivers and streams on the road Alh Atiku Abubakar ensued that contract for the construction of the road from Sugu where sterling construction company stopped was awarded.

Straco construction company was the company that got the contract for the job and constructed the road from Sugu to Toungo.

I am just setting records straight.

Gagudu, a social commentator and community development observer contributes this piece from Ganye.



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