Nigeria risks fascism voting Atiku – Balarabe Musa

Nigeria risks fascism voting Atiku – Balarabe Musa

Former Kaduna state governor Malam Balarabe Musa is quoted to have warned Nigerians against defective memory by whatever inducement or deception to having the country fall into fascism as a government by voting for the former vice president Atiku Abubakar

“Nigerians risk having a fascist government under Atiku because of his open alignment with former heads of state and retired generals, LOOP have some questions to answer.

“That is why I am highly disappointed at the illusion by some Nigerians that Atiku is better than Buhari. There is absolutely no comparison between Buhari and Atiku.”

Former heads of state, retired generals and PDP are afraid of Buhari’s second term bid. These people and the PDP are mortally afraid that if Buhari returned, he would probe the criminal annulment of June 12 and wage a more ruthless war against corruption.

“They are clearly ganging up against Buhari not because they don’t know that Atiku is no match to him but because they are aware that Atiku will not revisit their past misdeeds.”

“Atiku should ask himself whether Obasanjo can easily forgive him and mobilise his part of the country for his victory in 2019.’’

Why are these retired generals, after foistering a constitution on us, also believe it is their rights to choose who leads us. I guess they met their match in Buhari.

As for your so called men of God dabbling into politics, we know that “Tithes are tight”, patronage low and the private jets and luxurious lifestyles needs maintenance ditto the the traditional rulers. Isn’t it time the masses saw through the charade?

“I believe Buhari is their nemesis after which a New Nigeria will emerge.”

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