Elementary School Teacher Rapes Pupil in Namtari

Elementary School Teacher Rapes Pupil in Namtari

The Periscope reporter

Nathan Yusuf a primary school teacher in Namtari, Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa State northeast Nigeria Tuesday, allegedly raped 12 years old pupil.

Nathan the assailant was picked by the men of Civil Defence Corps to their headquarters in Yola while the assaulted was taking to the Hope Centre located at the Yola specialist hospital for treatment, trauma and Psycho-social Management.

Abubakar the guardian of the assaulted almost went mad, swearing by the sword that he would end the life of the assailant.

“This is a daughter we’re all proud of. We’ve been guiding and encouraging her to acquire both western and Qur’anic knowledge. Now a teacher for that matter defiled her as a minor

“Where’s the security entrusting our children to the unknown wicked teachers?” an elder in Namtari community lamented.

Muntaqa and Muntari, joining the popular call as echoed in Namtari, argued that jungle justice would have been the appropriate option than having assailants reported and be provided a shield by being arrested by the security because prison would eventually be a safe haven for the rapists, they could even be on bail.

When the news of the rape case eventually spread to the neighbouring communities, the Periscope investigation can reveal that the disappointed by the betrayal of trust, some parents were contemplating on withdrawing their wards from schools to avoid being raped.

“We’re afraid that entrusting our daughters to teachers would mean handing them over to the cheats as much as the proverbial goat being entrusted to the care of the hyena without contemplating that the former would be devoured by the latter, betraying the trust,” an elder in a community lamented.

Nathan must face the law, starting from dismissal from the civil service.

Nathan must be made to compensate for the damages caused to be worth millions of naira and imprisonment with hard labour after having been castrated.

The law should without mercy, be hard on him to serve as deterrent to other teachers having the tendency to raping pupils.

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