Coronavirus: A Calamity Caused by Chronic Insanity Indecency, Immorality, disbelief – Imam Yawale

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Coronavirus is a recent global scare. There were Ebola Fever, Lassa and other scarry severe fevers that followed HIV/AIDS among other, almost incurable diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes; Imam Haruna Yawale of the Federal Medical Centre, FMC Yola Jumu’at Mosque, considered these as calamity caused by human chorionic insanity, indecency and disbelief, condition by the deficiency in morality.

Imam Yawale observed this in his Jumu’at Qutba today, stressing that the strange, seeming incurable diseases were wages of human sins that appeared to be worse than the previous generations and/or perished nations.

It is indeed amazing that in spite of the knowledge of science and technology, invention and innovation, metaphysics and medicine human kind is being blessed with, they become the most ignorants, such that they smeared their God-given knowledge, corrupt their lives with insanity-virus that would later corrupt their critical thinking, science and technology, such that a plague that could have been considered as simple or minor for cure, would result in collateral damage, lacking remedy, other than turning back to the Creator, seeking for divine intervention.

Imam Yawale lamented that the present generation is comprised of irresponsible-hero worship; Gangs, criminals, drug addicts, corrupt and sinners are honoured as celebrities, and as mentors.

“Honours are now given only to entertainers and those championing immorality; footballers and those of other spots, film stars and musicians are considered as torchbearers who take pornography, promiscuity, lesbianism and homosexuality among others, as theology to evangelise.

The Qutba observed that there is corruption everywhere; the way people relate, in their businesses, as civil servants and even as a family. People have forsaken their Creator both in their actions, and their intentions purely materialistic.

The consequences:

* The led are afflicted with clueless leaders of chronic-virus order who could only loot and subject the satanic stained looted to untold hardship worse than the Ebola plague.

* Irresponsible army of merciless thugs who understand only oppression, exploitation, banditry, kidnapping and killings, among other kinds of insecurity as a language; an epidemic worse than Lassa Fever

* Epidemic so endemic that scares the living out of its soul for lacking the cure, typical of the present Coronavirus that keeps the world no longer at ease; that stops even the president from traveling frequently; that stops Muslims from worship in Ka’aba


Having diagnosed immorality and disbelief as among the causes of the hardships, poor leadership and epidemics, the Qutba prescribed repentance and prayers as remedies.

“People must repent, seek for forgiveness of their sins, pray fervently against the plague and intensify devotion by keeping in tune with truth, justice and fairness, which defined the faith.

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