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IBRAHIM ABDUL-AZEEZ: Tribute to a Timeless Reporter

By Abubakar Abba Tahir: (KaaKaaKey Adamawa 1)

* Tall and slender in size and shape.
* Lanky and gentle in poise and demeanor.
* Thoughtful and journalistic on the job
* Professional and down-to-earth in everything.
* Reportorial and programmatic at the workplace.
* Receptive and accommodating in community service.
* Fatherly and generous among family members.
* Frank and point-blank among colleagues.
* Loyal and honest to bosses and superiors alike.
* Welcoming, motivating and mentoring his subordinates.
* He traversed our landscape like a colossus.
* He engaged everyone with characteristic ease.
* He carved an exemplary niche in his field of journalism.
* His own skills and competencies were legendary.
* He was in radio, TV, newspapering and online press.
* He hardly fought anyone anywhere any day.
* He was remarkably a man of the people and forever jovial.
* At home and abroad the news came like wildfire.
* Yola, Nigeria and Washington stood still for him.
* Standing still we did for a great pen from a top brain.
* Everyone was left weeping on various fronts.
* He loved the job and was loved by the world.
* His greatness was let loose the more at his demise.
* The accolades were from all over the place.
* Coming in droves like torrential rain from the sky.
* The kudos galore was beyond the press constituency.
* It is all over the society, which he affected and infected.
* He was recognized in life and celebrated in death.
* Few attain this iota of greatness in both worlds.
* At this tough and rough moment for all, we are consoled.
* We have reason to thank God that Ibrahim left as a great man.
* A great reporter who offended no one but affected everyone
* His exit has broken barriers and shattered frontiers.
* Barriers and frontiers we have a responsibility to safeguard.
* If only we should keep his professionalism alive for all time.
* As a colleague, tutor and boss, I weep for Dan Almajiri.
* As a fellow humanist, I weep for a timeless soul.
* As a brother, I have become weak for a community gap-filler.
* As a fellow community servant, I weep for his family.
* And as a reporter like him, I weep for our constituency.
* I have found that Life is death and death means life.
* Ibrahim Abdul-Azeez is still alive till the end of time!

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