ACAR Celebrates Joda At 90

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The Adamawa Coalition Against Rape (ACAR) celebrates in prayers with Sir Ahmed Joda CFR, for being upgraded to the nonegenarian membership – by age grade.

In a press release signed by the ACAR head of public communications and media relations, Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo, the association said she was glad to celebrate with her most senior member, Sir Ahmed Joda CFR for clocking ninety years.

“ACAR, has on Monday February 20, 2020, held a community advocacy press conference against rape in Yola, Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, with Sir Ahmed Joda CFR as the speaker.

“The conference was combined with a somewhat surprised reception, facilitated by Hajiya Asma’u Joda, in honour of one of the most contributing and most accomplished Nigerian; our great father and most senior ACAR member, as he clocked 90 years and still strong, still contributing to humanity as Timaus Mathias would put it and still counting,” Dodo remarked.

To engage the teeming population of those that have not participated in the Monday conference, ACAR deemed it necessary to share a part of the occasion for the celebration.

Prof. Abubakar Abba Tahir was the master of the ceremony. “The MC’s rich intro, gives the background to the celebration. We enjoin all to join us enjoying it:

1. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I wish to thank you all, most profoundly, for supporting this small event mainly organised to voice out our collective anger and selective frustration against rape, rapists, and indeed against passive onlookers who decide not to take any action.

2. There is no better time to voice out and take action against this outrageous form of social violation than during the week when one of Adamawa’s most celebrated community leaders has turned ninety years (90) on earth.

3. Our host, Ahmed Joda CFR, a household name, is a man who has lived his entire life struggling, sacrificing and serving humanity in all sectors, segments and spheres of life.

4. The subject of our gathering today could hardly be as successful as we desire without his moral and material support.

5. It is therefore timely to also welcome you all to the second segment of this meeting, which is a reception in honour of our great father and one of the remaining pillars of the most accomplished Nigerian statesmen.

6. Even though he has only a few contemporaries left in Adamawa and around the country, on this record breaking day of his life, let us all join his family and especially, his famous and equally accomplished daughter, a distinguished mother, a worthy lady by all standards, our ever agile sister, a unique friend to all human communities and indeed an unrivaled humanitarian activist to celebrate Ahmed Joda at 90.

7. Even though our celebrant is blessed with other children, Asma’u Joda is the most profound, that is why when you remove her from his life and times, a huge gap will lie fallow.

8. I now invite everyone to dinner in celebration of the life and times of our great legend, Sir Ahmed Joda, CFR.

9. Midway into the dinner Asma’u Joda will deliver a brief vote of thanks to you all for coming to discuss rape and for celebrating her one and only dear father at his platinum age of 90 and still counting.

10. Thank you.

Join us, celebrating the accomplished, newly registered nonagenarian Sir Ahmed Joda for clocking 90.

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