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2019 Post Election Atmosphere: A Piece on Peace

2019 Post Election Atmosphere: A Piece on Peace

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo,  United Nations-POLAC Country Deputy Present (Northern Nigeria)

Good morning fellow Nigerians
Good morning fellow compatriots
Good morning comrades
Good morning fellow critical thinkers and critics.

The political thugs, ballot boxes snatchers, electoral riggers and punks, are also Nigerians. I don’t speak your languages, I only hope that a repentant, the baptised against thuggery, indiscipline, corruption and no future ambition, will extend by translating to you, my greetings and goodwill.

Dr. Queen a friend, sent a piece to me for which I can’t tell the original source that shared with someone or a group to have forwarded to her as a forewarn for a forearm.

May Our Maker bless the maker; the source of this peace.

Politics and politicians, shouldn’t mar our mutual coexistence, shouldn’t shred our relationships.

A hail, holy away from hell, and hearty, lovely dear lady, I hold so dear, sent me a meaningful rather, motivational message for a good morning that moved me.

The lovely lady may not be the original orator, It’s not mine to google, minding my business for any copyright. I’m not however, advocating for carelessness, corruption or discouraging the search for originality.

The lovely lady simply wrote thus:

“All beautiful relationships do not depend on how well we understand someone; instead, they depend on how well we manage the misunderstanding. Good morning dear.”

I simply responded by saying: “Managing misunderstanding is a key to peaceful coexistence. It strengthens relationship really.”

The piece on peace posted by Dr. Queen to a group of million critical thinkers challenging impunity for unity and integrity in its universality, to guide the 2019 post elections relationships, reads thus:

“Your preferred candidate might not win this election and that’s okay.

“Protect your emotions and mental health. Reconcile with friends and families that are already alienated due to divergent views.

“You have contributed your quota to a better Nigeria and *you are still a HERO*.

“And if your Candidate wins, please don’t make fun of the losers and their supporters!

“Be magnanimous in victory.

“It is now time for you to start praying that your candidate will not disgrace you!

“four years is just around the corner.

“Nigerians are now more sophisticated and expect the winner to serve them!

“God bless Nigeria.❗🇳🇬”

I once told McCarthy a friend in the US that Nigerians are stronger in unity and unbroken, better than the APC broom that couldn’t keep all, devoid of defection, as much as the durability in diversity, the unity of the country. It shelters it’s citizens better than the PDP umbrella that couldn’t survive the projected 50 years of life longevity in governance.

Our strength as Nigerians, lies in our unity. In God, the Americans trust.

Nigeria is a prayerful nation, citizens should really have more trust in God than the Americans readily do. Johnson the African American from Gary told me

This is my piece on peace. Good morning and congratulations



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