Covid-19: Adamawa Government Equips Isolation Centre With Ventilators, PPE, Others – SSG

The Periscope reporter.

The Adamawa State government has taken two-faced proactive measures to control Coronavirus, considered as global pandemic.

the Secretary to the Adamawa State Government (SSG) and Chairman of the Coronavirus Containment Committee, Bashir Ahmed said that due to the gross inadequacy of the first facility established by the state government, a more befitting 32-bed isolation center equipment with Ventilators and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) among other facilities, was established at the Adamawa-German Medical Centre in Yola.

The SSG revealed this in his address Tuesday, at a one-day media sensitisation training on covering, reporting and programming for Coronavirus, where he expressed confidence that with what were on ground and other facilities still expected anytime soon, Adamawa could conquer the Coronavirus should it visit the state.

In his breakdown of the facilities so far on ground, the SSG said Adamawa state government has provided one thousand, two hundred and thirty-one Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), four ventilators; “we are however, expecting two more from NCDC to make our ventilators up to six; each ventilator could take care of ten people. Therefore, six ventilators can take care of sixty people.

“The facility will serve as a containment and isolation center for persons that are suspected of being infected with the virus to be attended to at the containment unit, while those whose cases are confirmed will be treated at the isolation center.

“We, as a government, have made our efforts to ensure that a proper and satisfactory isolation center is established in the state. The state is now prepared for any eventuality.

“So far, only one suspected sample was sent for investigation and the result is being awaited,” the SSG said.

Explaining whether or not six ventilators could be sufficient enough to manage the pressure of an outbreak in a state with the population of about three million, the SSG said it would be misleading, projecting that the entire population would be infected by the plague.

“We shouldn’t look for the worst assuming all the three million people would be infected. All I can tell you is that the level of our preparedness is so far so good,” the SSG assured

It is a two-faced proactive measures; the management, that is, the treatment measure, should in case of the outbreak, and the preventive measure, which has to do with sensitisation.

The SSG said that Adamawa State Government has been working to ensure that the citizenry were educated and well informed about Coronavirus so as to curtail misleading, panic-stricken, information, either out of misfit or mischief.

In his lecture presentation, Dr. Pembi Emmanuel, a virologist noted that many factors, which include population growth, climate change and even the cohabitation between animals and humans put together, led to the preponderance of new diseases such as the novel COVID-19 pandemic, which the world was grappling with.

Pembi noted that the virus could be transmitted through either droplets of fluid and/or by air, noting that health workers were those who were highly exposed to the infection.

Pembi said that the virus could also be transmitted human through contact with animals and vice versa.

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