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Adamawa: Governor Yet To Implement ,Court Order, Wakili In Contempt Of Court, Calls For War By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

This is who was told by the court of law, NOT PARADE HIMSELF AS THE DISTRICT HEAD

About five weeks after the Yola High Court, in a declaratory judgement, squashed the appointment made by governor Bindow the first defendant, of Yarima Wakili Usman Shehu (Idi) the third defendant, as the district head of Jalingo-Maiha District, Maiha local government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria, governor Bindow, the Periscope Global Investigate could reveal, was yet to implement the court order directing for the approval of Barr. Mahmud Abubakar the plaintiff a heir to the late district head of Jalingo-Maiha, as the legitimate successor to the stool.

Similarly, Wakili the third defendant whom the court order has restrained from, was still parading himself as the District head of Jalingo-Maiha, setting the monarchy in Maiha under siege. Intimidating the peaceful community into violence for anarchy to take over the throne.

The court order in part, issued the following declarations:

  1. That the approval of the 3rd defendant by the Governor of Adamawa State as the District Head of Jalingo-Maiha District, Maiha Local Government Area, who was not the person recommended by the 2nd Defendant, is wrongful, illegal, null and void.
  2. That the plaintiff whose name was forwarded to the Governor of Adamawa State for approval by the 2nd Defendant, is the proper person to be approved for appointment as the District Head of Jalingo-Maiha District.
  3. It is hereby ordered that the Governor of Adamawa State (1st Defendant), should approve the plaintiff as the proper person for appointment as the District Head of Jalingo-Maiha District, Maiha Local Government Area.
  4. An order of perpetual injunction is hereby given, restraining the 3rd Defendant from parading himself as the District Head of Jalingo-Maiha District, Maiha Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

” In his sallah message at the eid ground, parading himself as the unshaken, never to be meddled with, indefatigable, tough and never to be pushed away district head of Jalingo-Maiha, Wakili commended the miserably paid armed youth who escorted him when he nocturnally crept into Maiha on Friday at about 10pm attempting to engage the peaceful community into war, which to his dismay, the peace-loving people were not to be provoked, not to be intimidated as they were in supplications, submitting in worship to their Creator in commensurability to dhul hijjah demands Wakili has urged the parents of the youth without attitude, who were used as tools for disharmony, to support their children in strengthening his “unshaken leadership,” because no person, group or community, has ever defeated his family, in any form of clash, from Adam.

The aggrieved youth in Maiha, would want to be allowed to end the intimidation. However, the legitimate heirs to Ubandoma the late district head suppressed what would seemed be violent response, by advocating for peace and mutual coexistence on eid day.

“Ignore what they say. We know you are slapped, you are hit by hate mongers.

It’s an attempt to instigate you into communal clash for anarchy to set in. Do not take law onto your hands.

Allow justice to take its cause,” the heirs to Ubandoma were quoted to have cautioned. It seemed there was a conspiracy in the violation of and the delay in the implementation of court order, some elders in Maiha would have the impression with yet to be ascertained rumour that Wakili the third defendant’s action was, having the backing of state government in ignoring the court order because he claimed to be having the numerical strength, politically speaking, enough for the governor to have a landslide victory in Maiha local government area during the 2019 election.

To justify the claim, Wakili was said to have directed his scribe, to issue a notice to security outfits in Maiha LGA to prepare for his return to his people and continue with the leadership on Friday, August 17, 2018.

The subjects, were also said to be invited to facilitate smooth execution of the contempt of court. “The Friday outing, with armed youth, was not challenged by any security outfit.

“However, the intimidating eid message today, threatening peace in Maiha, needs to be addressed before it is too late,” one of the elders in Maiha would say.

Photo: Mammoth crowd welcoming Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman in Maiha after the court ruling that legitimised his district headship

This is who was told by the court of law, NOT PARADE HIMSELF AS THE DISTRICT HEAD



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