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2019 Election: A Trip Inside The Northeast – The Ruling & The Opposition Parties, Candidates

2019 Election: A Trip Inside The Northeast –
The Ruling & The Opposition Parties, Candidates

By Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo and Mohammed Ismail

Presidential Candidates:

The Periscope is hereby commending both the ruling and the opposition parties for the show of maturity and the technicality to weed ethno-religious tendency taking as a theology to proselytise.

APC simply told PMB, to go for an unopposed party primary the members unilaterally by the majority, decided as an option.

DPD simply swim in the Atiku-lated sea calculated to be undefeatable by drowning other contestants who could not swim out of the Atiku-lated wave, at the party primaries.

Now Buhari and Atiku are both Muslims and Hausa-Fulani. They both have a stake in Katsina and Adamawa state.

However, come Saturday, Nigerians would be left with the option on matters of mandate between the two.

For those hawking sentiment, of what has it been your preference to the hate? Not a professed faith, we guess. You should also think outside the box, beyond ethnicity, between the contestants.

Engage the electorates, using all the elements of persuasion at your disposal, while addressing issue based arguments. No insult. You are not a psychiatrist. Please stop making diagnosis, labelling teeming electorates and presidential candidate as those who go gaga. However, between the accused and the accuser, one remains a pathetic pathological case for psychiatrist to address.

For presidential election, it is obvious- if all things being equal- and what the Muslims will exclaim “INSHA ALLAH,” that President Muhammadu Buhari, will defeat his younger brother former vice President Alh. Atiku Abubakar the Wazir of Adamawa by a wide margin in the entire six states of the zone; reflecting the macro outcome.
Does it not seem to you that it is a contest between the former president who is the sitting president and the former vice president?
“The electorates argued that PMB needs to be given a chance to accomplish his promises and the ongoing project. However, should he proved to be a disappointment, he should be shown the way out in 2023. For now it’s Febuhari and not Fakebuhari.”

Taraba is a state to watch; a state that can surprise the doubting Thomas, especially, when all avenues for rigging are blocked for a free, fair and peaceful election that will produce credible result.

The Gubernatorial Elections State By State Projection


PDP could retain Gombe, owing to the Dankwambo factor. He has proven worthy of leadership and can now answer the call from his senatorial zone for efficient and effective representation at the national assembly.

Sen. Usman Bayero Nafada will tell the electorates that he will not disappoint them when given mandate as a governor. He has not shown any sign of disappointment to the zone he represents as a senator anyway. Besides, politics in Gombe is all about personality rather than political party.


Darius Ishaku may look so dear a dear. However, Sani knows the signal when Ishaku shakes his dangerous head to dare. The Abubakar in him was put to test and now the Danladi in him is fully equipped with the best known to him backups to repel the Danjuma force, for having the survived the previous typhoon experience; he will not shiver for any typhoid fever anymore, when Thiophilus is to raise a gallant eyebrow like arrow.

He only needed adequate security, Sani third man would say, to sanitise the state by ensuring that no window is left opened for election rigging. He could have argued that it would not be windy or too sunny in Taraba. Windows should be shutdown to be able to ventilate the free, fair and fresh electioneering atmosphere.

People in PDP are looking unto Darius for another Ishaku handshake.

While the progressives in APC, will want to justify that Taraba is truly the people’s choice, devoid of any sentiment and in fairness, the people will make their choice by endorsing the God’s choice.

“This hydro electricity project in Mambila, do you think we will ever get it from a party that lacks political will? A party, at the state level that governs along ethnic inclination and religious affiliation?” an electorate made the poser.

There is indeed a “Sanitension” for “Sanitation” as “SaniIntetion” in the state for worthy attention.


Prof. Ali Pate is too academic, parting ways with Bauchi kind of politics. It would have been a party celebrating the success of opposition party at the poll. It is a pity, Pate will be missed. It will however be a costly sacrifice. Bauchi would have celebrated unprecedented development. Healthcare in the state would have been the best in the northeast if not the country in general. Jump that.

Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar the Barrister in APC did not seem to be a worthy trusted, a good actor to play the caliphate script in the political theatre, the earlier test presented. However, the candidates with the opposition parties do not seem to be serious to unseat him. The rehearsal isn’t impressive.

PDP’s Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir may be the ace. However, the defections from the major opposition party by its bigwigs in the state, to join the man with the wig in the ruling party for 2019 contest, ruins the hope as a major constraint. There is indeed a limit to the influence of money in the Bauchi Politics.

There’s the Buhari factor, the Barrister for governor will enjoy. There is nowhere where Buhari is loved more than in Bauchi, when it comes to Nigerian politics. Not even Daura, his birthplace. This is however, the speculation we claim authority therefore. Should you be looking for the authenticity, Daura isn’t a mystery, Bauchi isn’t a history and Buhari has his story he can’t write to avoid hurting other people who could feel insulted by the blunt truth, he told us. I know you’ve heard him as well. So go by our speculation and let Buhari be as he is.


APC Kashim Shatima will be challenged in Borno. The challenge will however be ineffective because PDP is seen as a taboo in Borno and Yobe states. Therefore, this is to congratulate APC Borno in advance to the next level.


So far, our man, Hon. Mai Mala Buni is the only gubernatorial candidate whose election will be more of a walkover.

In spite of the campaign of calumny intended to dent his integrity, for which the News Hint and the Periscope Global Publishers have to repel, playing the media shield against the desperate manipulation for libel, the tested and trusted Mala stands tall.

Mala started his political carrier at a grass root level as a councillor. The man of peace, integrity and generosity, is also never to betray his master but to do to his utmost in service to humanity with humility, which by implication, is a service to his Maker the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

The national secretary of the ruling party, an upgrade from his earlier position at the zonal level, you can be sure that Mai Mala Buni is being anointed from the above, nominated at the middle to be mandated by the electorates in the end.

It was amazing, the Periscope Global investigate would reveal, the crowd of Mala’s supporters at the APC’s campaign across the state, one would think that it was Buni Yadi everywhere; a loyalist to a mentor, a pride to Governor Ibrahim Gaidam.

Congratulations in advance from Honourable to His Excellency, from the ACP National Secretary, to Yobe state governor.


The electioneering atmosphere in this state is unique. A political analyst argued that it is dicey determining what will happen, until after presidential election.

Hon. Emmanuel Bello (SDP)

However, initially, four contestants stemmed out to flex popularity muscles, the fourth being SDP’s Hon. Emmanuel Bello the only gentleman who has recorded no grudge with the co-contestants. “He’s generous. He knows no stinginess and may not have had a crab arm to greedily grab the baggage packaged with public treasury.” Hence, deploying the all inclusivity, could smoothen his path to Dougirei Hill, could be disappointed by those whom he could have thought their unalloyed support, owing to certain affinity, could be a surety. He’s still on a strategic grass root campaign anyway, it may however seem that frightening Fintiri option poses an imminent threat to Emmy B.

Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (PDP)

Fintiri is perceived to be sympathetic to civil servants. Even if for nothing, the payment of salaries as at when due and the bloc payment of arrears of entitlements endeared him to civil servants in the state to have been christened ATM.

The members Gamzaki traders union are not equally ungrateful of his contribution; though he was not in government, about three year ago when inferno consumed a part of the Yola ancient market, in commiseration with the traders, Fintiri donated the sum of N1m. It was said to be the highest if not the only individual donation.

However, the impeachment of governor Nyako by the lawmakers with the state assembly he coordinated as a speaker and that which was eventually, squashed by competent court of law, showcased him as a betrayer, in other critical angle, it was regarded as an act of ingratitude capable of retarding trust.

“It’s Nyako who brought him against our mandate… the dice taken away from Madagali to play at the Dougirei Hill where the teeming anti Fintiri hadn’t got access to freely exercise their franchise. The rest of the story you can tell better. However, the gory experience associated with insecurity occasioned by Boko Haram insurgency in Madagali and beyond, just after the Nyako impeachment; how Fintiri moved his family out of Madagali and blocked the means of escape to other people as was alleged, is simply beyond comment,” an elder from Madagali who has painfully relocated to Yola would remark.

Fintiri, having taking over the governance of Adamawa with the impeachment, suspended the entire allowances enjoyed by the Special Assistants cut across the state, a social welfare scheme introduced by Nyako as much as he rubbished the popular skills acquisition scheme. It was actually observed to be an attack on self-reliance, youth and women empowerment.

Fintiri was also alleged to have diverted some millions of naira meant for the establishment of either faculty of medicine or law in Adamawa state University Mubi, for his personal investment at Mambila hill in addition to the loan he was alleged to have collected during his brief stay in office as governor, formed allegations that nailed him in the web to slug out with the ant graft agency.

“He’s actually battling with the aggrieved electorates, trying to be persuasive that he was either misquoted, misinterpreted of misunderstood about the alleged Fulani hate speech; the stuff about breaking Fulani calabash. Though the speech endeared him to some of the electorates in the state for mandate,” an electorate would observe.

There is also the APC Buhari and PDP Atiku factor to play the Joker.

However, “the rural politics in the state is all about money politics rather than capability and credibility for mandate. The question is, whether or not Fintiri has the money to lubricate the rural politics against the incumbent Bindow,” an electorate would speculate.

Gov Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla  Bindow (APC)

Baba Maimangoro: O jippa tan
Aggrieved Electorates’ Echo: O jippa tan
Doctored Video: Be vi mi jippa, mi jippan tan
Bindow’s cronies: O jippata sam
Bindow: Be vii mi jippa, kadi legal mangoro mi va’i na?
The Periscope Global: Woodi legal mangoro haa Saare gomnati Yola na?

Crude translation:
Baba Maimangoro: He should just leave the governance.

Aggrieved Electorates’ Echo: He should just leave the governance.

Doctored Video: They said I should leave governance. I’ll just leave.
Bindow’s cronies: He’ll not climb down at all.

Bindow: they said I should climb down, am I on a mangrove tree?

The Periscope Global: Is there mangrove tree in Adamawa governor’s office?

Bindow is said to be having multiple windows, though he came in through a single door called APC Sak under a structure established by Admiral Murtala Hammanyero Nyako known as Baba Maimangoro, who kept on campaigning for, from his base abroad, calling on the electorates to salvage the state against insurgency coordinated by the then ruling party, and give their unalloyed support to Bindow for the continued job security, social welfare with the SA scheme and youth and women empowerment with the skills acquisition scheme.

“I’ve just spoken with Baba Maimangoro on phone. He’s sending his words of greetings to all of you.” Bindow was quoted to have said at one of the campaign venues during the 2015 electioneering atmosphere, with a view to attracting people’s confidence.

Bindow actually took the courage to join Nyako and both defected from the PDP the then ruling party they were both elected under, to APC to challenge insurgency in the northeast, in which Adamawa state was affected.

“Did Bindow really speak with Admiral Nyako on phone just now as he claimed?”
“What’s your own?”
“Well, I’m sensing a digital deception for a digital divide from the unset, before the sun sets on the journey. However, the son doesn’t set his third eye on it, for lacking the experience, owing to the total trust.”
“Sir! This is rather abstract. You’re philosophising.”
“Oh yes! You’ll get to know when the time comes.”

It came to pass. Bindow won the election but lost the unity and peace that have contributed in bringing him up to Dougirei Hill. They were simply broken to pieces before the sunset. “That which the son didn’t set his eyes on,” moralising the man of wisdom.

Baba Maimangoro would never have, in a telephone conversation, told the person spoken to, to at a slightest opportunity, disrespect elders, interfere in the affairs of monarchy to distort the old cherished order thereby snubbing the cultural heritage in rewriting history as experienced in the northern senatorial zone of the state, and to rubbish the contract entered with the electorates.

There are road rehabilitations, some of it were not necessary, in the state capital and some few LGAs, salary arrears could not have been paid but for the election period. The 11th hour appointments were seen as a deception. However, those with defective memory, hypnotised perhaps by money politics, based on the capability of one’s bargain, have since fine-tuned the anti Bindow track, added up to the APC Buhari factor, presently forgetting what will be the next after the celebration; moralising the poet Gabriel Okpara’s “The Fisherman’s Invocation,” reflecting the celebration with Nigeria’s independence.

However, there is a pending court case on the allegation of certificate forgery by Dr. Mahmud Ahmad Modi group against Bindow. Details, take another story. Jump that.

Sen. Abdulaziz Nyako (ADC)

The Navy Commodore is a strategist, said to be having the MasterCard to Dougirei Hill. Improving on the methods used to nurture APC to maturity in Adamwa state, having realised that he would be schemed out of the ruling party he played prominent role in establishing, Nyako Jnr. singlehandedly took ADC to Yola. It is now a formidable party feared by the APC at the governorship level.

Sen. Nyako is said to be disappointed by the betrayal of trust that resulted in undermining the social welfare and skills acquisition schemes aimed at self-reliance against youth idleness and its consequences in addition to their restiveness.

“Allah sene, please when you are eventually elected, we have just two requests to be able to keep being on the same page; don’t forget the Special Assistance Scheme as a social welfare, don’t abandon the Skills Acquisition Scheme for which fortune is invested and our youths have since started reaping the benefit,” Sen. Abdulaziz told Governor Bindow before teeming electorates loyal to Nyako at one of the campaign venues during the 2015 electioneering atmosphere. The Periscope Global Publishers was there.

It is the disappointment, among other reasons advanced for the development and progress of the state that necessitated some group of electorates, with foresight, to invite Sen. Nyako to come and set the record straight; to build on the foundation laid by his father Baba Maimangoro.

Sen. Nyako is not comfortable, having a wasted generation, with youths taking to drugs and smoking of weeds, having a no future ambition other than violence that destroys the spirit in the youths and kills them young. He therefore collaborated with the drug law enforcement agency, for advocacy, across the state during the reign of Baba Maimangoro.

Only God would have known the population of youths that would have been eliminated when the state of emergency and curfew were unnecessarily rather politically, imposed on Adamawa state.

Sen. Nyako insisted that any youth that fell into the hands of the joint security agency, should first be presented for identification; whether or not he belonged to the insurgents, through traditional leadership method, before any action could be taking against him. It was indeed a life saving strategy; kudos to commodore.

As a senator, the Bills on northeast development commission and the not too young to rule among other Bills that are passed into law, are beyond comment.

Little wonder, Nyako Jnr. won the 2017 the Periscope Global Publishers achievers award. He is still a nominee for the 2018 achievers award, scheduled for April, 2019.

However, Sen. Nyako was alleged to have contributed to the challenges faced during Baba Maimangoro’s regime. His being invited to EFCC was seen as a test to his integrity.

The point however, which challenged the allegation is that, the anti graft agency was given a court order to compensate the young Nyako. He probably will not have been cleared by relevant security agencies to appear for governorship election.

The next challenge is by those who think that a son cannot be a judge when his father was once a judge. A son cannot be a doctor when his father was once a doctor. A son cannot be a lawmaker when his father was once a lawmaker.

Therefore, a son cannot be a governor when his father was a governor.

In fact, if one’s sister is married to a governor, one cannot be a chairman of a local government. If one’s sister is married to a president, one cannot contest for governorship and perhaps, any position; such a parochial, rather archival antiquated retrogressive perception, indeed. It will be squashed as it has been started already.

So far, Sen. Abdulaziz Nyako, going by the Periscope Global Publishers survey, has the highest crowd gathering among other gubernatorial candidates as the campaigns and rallies have shown in the state.



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