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Is this the final edited Fintiri’s maiden state speech! grammatical, typographical, scribe-error?

Is this the final edited Fintiri’s maiden state speech! grammatical, typographical, scribe-error?

The Periscope literati

Was it written in a rush or out of anxiety? Was the speech subjected to vetting? punctuational, other errors and repetitions, indeed constitute reputation risk.

Governor Bindow boo-booed for knowledge deficiency, for declaring that the “knowledgeable “‘Yan boko” would no longer be elected to lead Adamawa state.” Now that he’s proven wrong having been defeated, we should expect not only the leadership but the difference in consciousness.

(For the record) the following is the shared Fintiri’s Thursday speech read:

Fellow citizens of Adamawa State.

I have during my inauguration, as Governor on 29th May 2019, indicated in very broad terms the direction which my Administration would be taking in the urgent effort to bring the State back to the path of sanity, transparency, probity,
accountability and rapid development.

I do not intend to bore you with repeating what I have said in the inauguration speech, suffice it to say that we will keep to the letter and spirit as spelt out in that address. (Calls for proper functions)

Let me make it abundantly clear that from now on it will not be business as usual. This much has already been mentioned to top Government Officials and other Senior Government bureaucrats at the swearing-in ceremony of the new Secretary to the State Government Alhaji Bashiru Ahmad. All (O)fficials must sit up, be diligent, accountable and transparent in handling public affairs. Anyone who falls short will be shown the way out while hard working, transparent and loyal (O)fficials will be properly encouraged and motivated to aim at higher productivity. (Calls for proper functions)

For the avoidance of doubt all Political Office holders in the previous Government of the State are hereby relieved of their appointments with effect from Wednesday 29th May 2019.

These include Hon. Commissioners, the Secretary to the State Government, Senior Special Advisers, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants and Development Area Administrators. (As in previous paragraphs)

Similarly, all appointments made into the State Judicial Service Commission, Civil Service Commission, Planning Commission and Boards of the Adamawa State Health Insurance Scheme, Chairmen and Members of the Jimeta Ultra Modern Market Board are hereby suspended.

Equally, all appointments made on or after 28th March 2019 are hereby suspended on grounds of public interest.

Also, (all last) minute recruitments (done on or after 28th March 2019) through mere waiver without observing the (layed down procedure)? such as Federal Character are hereby suspended. (Is it “laid down procedures such as…?)

A (C)ommittee will be set-up to thoroughly review the hasty recruitment and decide on the need to conduct a proper exercise that will be open to all eligible citizens including those affected by the suspension. The underlisted (O)fficials are hereby suspended from office pending the receipt of the inquiry into their respective organizations.

They are: General Manager, Adamawa State Water Board,
General Manager, Adamawa State Urban Planning Development Authority,
General Manager, Adamawa State Transport Company and
Executive Secretary, Post Primary Schools Management Board.All the Chairmen and members of Boards, Parastatals and Commissions in the State are hereby dissolved. The out-going chairmen and members should hand over their organizations and public property in their possession to the most Senior Civil Servant(s) in their establishments.

Chairmen and members of Governing Boards of Adamawa State Tertiary Institutions are hereby similarly dissolved (with effect from Wednesday 29th May, 2019). (Unnecessary repetition)

The Boards will be reorganized in accordance with their extant Laws and where necessary be reviewed by the State House of Assembly.The foregoing directive(s) ()which (are) with effect from (Wednesday 29th May 2019) (is) just the beginning(.) (As) this (A)dministration settles down, it will give our citizens a new lease of life based on respect for human rights, equity of persons and the rule of Law.

We will rekindle hope in our people to believe in themselves for now and for the future. We shall clear the Augean stable so that the public machinery will work effectively and with greater output. The ugly and sordid (S)tate in which we found public organizations in the (S)tate leaves much to be desired and the sooner we leave that behind us, the better.

As painful as these decisions are, we shall continue take them where personal interest is seen to override or compromise public interest

We are not without hope. We shall as soon as possible tap into the enormous potentials of non-governmental organizations with which(,) we intend to meet soonest to chart a new way forward. No doubt that Social Investment Programme, Multi-sectoral Crisis Recovery Project, RAMP, FADAMA, Save a Million Lives, UNOCHA, EUUNICEF, RUWASSA and USAID() will in conjunction with Government() deliver enormous Social upliftment.

As a Government, the youth and (W)omen will be the (C)entre-piece of our attention. In this regard, (S)kill (A)cquisition, once a programme that yielded positive result but was eventually neglected, will be

This is with a view to facilitating job creation and economic empowerment for the teeming youth.Nobody needs to be told how low our (E)ducation (S)ector has sunk in the last four years. Experts have estimated that Adamawa (S)tate (E)ducation progress has been decelerated by as much as twenty years. When all the facts are known() we shall have to decide if a (S)tate of (E)mergency will have to be imposed on (E)ducation.

As you are all aware, no society can thrive or make progress in a (S)tate of insecurity.
Taking this into consideration, particularly as someone who is directly affected by the level of insecurity() which the (S)tate is currently contending with, I have swung into action to see (the that) immediate measures are taken at curbing the menace of criminality, while the security infrastructure is being overhauled with the active support from the (G)overnment.

Similarly, a (B)ill for a stringent (L)aw to provide for stiffer penalties for (K)idnappers/abductors, (A)rmed (R)obbers and their collaborators will () forwarded to the State House of Assembly as soon as it

Government will also extend support to (V)igilantes and (H)unters who will be thoroughly screened by the appropriate (S)ecurity (A)gencies to make them the fulcrum of our security drive.

The shape and size of the new (A)dministration will be unfolded in no
distant time.

Meanwhile, we will strive to keep the people of Adamawa State abreast of developments in keeping with the spirit of accountability that I have sworn to uphold.For now let me just say thank you for listening.

God bless us all



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