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Monarchy in Maiha: Between Commissioner Of Police And Idi, Others For A Criminal Case Hearing

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The appeal court hearing scheduled for Wednesday, being yesterday, was adjourned to yet to be fixed date.

For a background, the former governor Bindow of Adamawa state, in violation of the traditional council’s order, appointed one Idi Wakili Usman Shehu, when he was presented the name of Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman by the Mubi Emirate Council for approval, as the qualified district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

The story of David and Goliath is for men of understanding and that which was not reflected by those who conceived that it would be worthless challenging, however unconstitutional, the actions of a power drunk chief executive.

Barr Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman the people, the Mubi Emirate Council and the God’s choices, has however been current with the spiritual knowledge associated with David and Goliath incident; that a tyrant could be challenged against anarchy with strong faith not arrogance associated with power drunk.

Guided by this, Bindow’s unlawful appointment was challenged before a Yola High Court and was duly reversed with the court order that directed for the approval, by the governor, of the appointment of Barr Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman, as was submitted to him by the Mubi Emirate Council.

The Bindow appointed was also restrained, by the court order, from parading himself as district head of Jalingo-Maiha, a claim he lacked, whatsoever.

Bindow as a governor, though would not honour the court order, perhaps for a perceived executive immunity for any impurity tied to impunity, did not appeal against the judgment that cleansed his seeming deliberate mistake. He equally gave room for his foiled anointed and spoiled appointed, to be in romance with the contempt of court order.

Ignorant of the law and/or misled by those who found pleasure in milking the impostor lean, Idi the Bindow appointed and the court sacked, filed an appeal against the judgment that restrained him from living in the fantasy of impostor’s prosperity, his save haven; a panacea to poverty.

“Is he arrogating to himself the position of a governor he is never to be elected to serve, or the Emir of Mubi when he couldn’t, even the crown for a district head was bigger than his head?” A lawyer in training, asked why should the impostor appeal against the legitimate Judgement? Which case file and number were used? “Doesn’t it sound so Idiotic?

“Anyway, that’s for the appeal court and the hearing is adjourned but we can endure the suspense,” the learned in training would say.

The overambitious impostor was overzealous in impatient, he degenerated to overacting the Macbeth by attempting to bury the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha into the coffin of anarchy; desecrated the Maiha central mosque with his seeming fetish followers that bulldozed into the worshipping place armed with amulets, other injurious objects and without ablution.

The well trained security officers did not only take inventories of the atrocities, they equally averted the worst death scenario. The casualties of the seeming fetish and Idiotic atrocity; tempting the mosque and monarchy to anarchy, were being reduced to only injuries that were managed in the hospital.

The casualties of the Idiotic atrocity for anarchy by desecrating a mosque against monarchy; disrupting the Jumuat blessed prayers, have become primary witnesses on the side of the Commissioner of Police, to the case hearing, ruling and eventually, judgment before a Yola criminal court between the Commissioner of Police and Idi with his faithful followers.

Recall that Idi with his principal supporters, was earlier remanded in prison; his weak in health was established as an excuse to grant him bail he is still enjoying.

Thursday, February 6, is slated for hearing. If criminality is established against him by sacrilegiously sacrificing a district to anarchy because he is alien to its monarchy earlier coerced on people, the case being appealed could only but be obvious in hearing-discontinuity for a judgment.

Having failed to set the district in disintegration with his presence on invitation to grace a local government function as district head on Wednesday, the impostor is back to Yola with empty vessel backups for a criminal court case instituted against him, holding in the next few hours.

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