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COVID-19 celebrates ease of restrictions on worship places in Adamawa

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The Goddamned virus that survives in filthy atmosphere and spread like wildfire, where physical distancing is both ignorantly and arrogantly violated, is microscopic beyond ordinary retina, hence the call to shield oneself against it by wearing face mask in public places, when it becomes necessary that one should go out while observing the protectionist stay at home metaphor; restricting not just the import on goods from other countries as a viable economic policy but the spread of COVID-19 as worthy public health measure and established religiously, preventive policy.

Adamawa state government has received commendations from different quarters for the lockdown and restrictions orders. Analysands are agreed that it was the best the state could venture into as a preventive measure. Medical and health professionals lauded the COVID-19 preventive mechanism. Little the state records low Coronavirus influence.

However, pressures associated with poverty and starvation; where the state government has no capacity to feed the entire citizens conditioned to the lockdown order, the policy would have to be reviewed and vulnerability is given privilege, a public health professor would express.

“The government ought to have extended the lockdown because restriction orders are ignorantly and arrogantly violated to the delight of the dreaded COVID-19,” the analysands and critical thinkers would jointly articulate.

Among the public places, unlike in other states, the lockdown in Adamawa was not to be imposed on the markets, at least where food commodities are sold, though at a later date, international cattle markets are joined in the imposition of restrictions to be able to be fully and successfully enforce the lockdown, on not just the interstate but the international borders.

There was the argument that the lockdown and restriction orders would be devastating to the economy by sealing most of the revenue windows. This was challenged, as one in sympathy with the ironists, by a seeming superior argument that stood as the final vocabulary; simply put,  “health is wealth.”

The imposition of lockdown on worship places was greeted with mixed feelings; while the health experts and critical thinkers among other groups of professionals welcomed the news with applaud, those who operate commercial worship centres and the religiously misinformed, nursed the news with apprehension. They considered the policy as nothing but anathema to their commercialised faith. The extremists in this category, have in fact conceived it as sacrilegious.

“The government is thinking upside down. It opens market and closes Churches and Mosques where worshippers go and pray to be healed. Can someone tell me where is more COVID-19 vulnerable between markets and worship places?” A seeming moralist raised.

“Your argument isn’t rhetorical as much as you are not being persuasive. You see, everyone goes to either Church, Mosque, Synagogue and/or shrine to worship but not everybody goes to market to buy any item.

“The poor conceived COVID-19 as a disease brought by and that which for the most part, affect the rich class. Tell me does the rich go to market?

“You see, the population of those patronising worship places and the number of those going to market are totally incommensurable. Haven’t you noticed that?

“Even the sick goes to the worship place for an answered prayer in congregation to be healed. Isn’t it the other way round “to get the worshippers however unknowingly infected?” A critical thinker responded, which ended the debate, leaving the participating audience as judges to decide what would be the best for them.

Adamawa state government has reopened worship places and international cattle markets hitherto under restrictions order, following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Churches, Mosques and the international Cattle Markets under lockdown can now reopen, but must ensure physical distancing with no more than 50 people at a time.

“Other measures include provision of hand sanitizers or washing of hands and temperature checks at the point of entry.

“Government now believes the contagion rate is low enough to justify a cautious easing of the restriction, but warned that citizens must work extra hard on personal hygiene and strict adherence to laid down guidelines.

“Governor Fintiri said the easing of the lockdown comes as the state discharges five  from its isolation center after testing negative of the virus.

“However, the 8pm to 6am curfew will remain in place until further notice.”

This is contained in a press release issued on Thursday, by the Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Humwashi Wonosikou.

How possible is the strict observance of physical distancing in worship places on Friday and Sunday with teaming non-compliant-to-face-mask congregational worshippers that are always beyond the capacity of either the Mosques or the Churches?

Travellers from others states are still manipulating their ways into the state in spite of the ban on interstate travel.

How can a congregation be controlled to allow only fifty people worship at a time in a Friday Mosque or Church on Sunday?

Can the “No Face Mask No Entry” be successfully imposed on the worshippers.

Can the sick be disallowed from going to Mosque or Church service?

There is a need for further explanation on the reopening of worship places but with only 50 people to pray at a time, thereby observing physical distancing. Does this also apply to Friday Mosque and well established worshipper-populated Church?

Does the reopening of the international cattle markets imply the reopening of the interstate and international borders?

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