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Senate must suspend, Adamawa North Senatorial District should recall the women-assaulting misfit senator – Kperogi

Senate must suspend, Adamawa North Senatorial District should recall the women-assaulting misfit senator – Kperogi

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A gender based violence that should not be dismissed with a wave of hand – Human Right Activist

No mercy Masi, a Senator before, laughed at the coiled-haired-women-assaulting senator called Abbo, whose fantastic fanatical action, technically defined his misfit for any representational responsibility other than that tagged for naughty without attitude.

Lidia Bitrus from Mubi South local government area in northern senatorial zone of Adamawa State lamented that it was too early regretting humiliating Senator Binta Masi for Elisha Bobbo at the polls.

“We know how irresponsible that the hotel prone, with the seeming brothel company, can bring shame to the famous zone. We campaigned against him. However, the teeming guided by emotion electorates, snubbed our spirit, shouting the echo beyond Magara mountain, without any mercy that the unmerited Masi must have to go,” Lydia said.

“The coiled haired Bobbo shouldn’t have been sworn in for a Senator. The assault against the nursing woman, defending the immodesty of his seeming three weired-dating ladies at the adult toy shop in Abuja, was said to have happened after the election, before the May 29 swearing in. What delayed the revelation of Fanatical attack on women? If for threat to life, why exposing it now? Sadly speaking, this guy is a sadistic ego mania, unfit for any representational responsibility,” Yusuf Kwaja lamented.

“It’s rather unfortunate. What a shame the three fucking, brought to women folk! Mine is simple, the vomiting lady with the two others, should visit diagnostic centre for their hepatitis and HIV/AIDS status,” a lady living close to Federal Polytechnic Mubi who simply said her name was lamely laminated with Lami for anonymity, lamented.

Already, different groups have started working on how not only to address the assault issue, there is also the issue of salvaging the northern senatorial zone of Adamawa State from misrepresentation by a youth without attitude.

“The lawless misogynistic brute, Senator Elisha Abbo, does not belong in any civilised company, let alone the senate. Men with power abuse women because they can and because society enables and excuses their crime. Men without power abuse women to make themselves feel important and to underscore their insecure masculinity. Men of different stripes satiate their illicit desires at the expense of women; they prove themselves by abusing vulnerable female interlocutors. Nigeria is a dangerous place to be a woman, period,” Prof. Moses Ochonu a Nigerian in Diaspora, educations and blogger articulated

“This is the face of the senatorial beast by the name of Elisha Abbo who physically assaulted a nursing mother several times for merely pleading with him to “take it easy.” This medieval idiot has no place in the Nigerian senate. The senate must suspend him, and his constituents in the Adamawa North Senatorial District should recall him forthwith,” Prof.Farooq Kperogi a Nigerian in Diaspora, educationist, columnist and blogger angered by the Premium Time revelation, articulated.

Nura Mohammed the IT specialist said, Abbo’s face attached to the story of his nasty attitude was technically misleading.

“That makes reason for Senator Masi laughing,” Nura said, sending another picture of the coiled haired women assault by chance senator.

“Can you lay this one with the previous and that of the smiley Senator Masi?” Nura pleaded



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