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OPINION: Opposition Politics in Adamawa: One Desperation, Too Many

By Hafiz Ahmed Jimeta

Adamawa is at it again. Just when it is about to experience political stability and progressive development unleashed by the focused Fintiri-led administration, political merchants are all out to cause chaos and make the State ungovernable in the name of opposition politics.

It is on record that since the rebirth of democracy in 1999, Adamawa has remained a theatre of negative political mudslinging. It has been a center for sour politics where winners fight hard to survive the onslaught of acidic losers.

To the losers at all time, the winner of the coveted seat of a Governor must be distracted from delivering on his campaign promise. This is a State that is in election mood all the time.

At no other time has this vicious culture been so desperately elevated to a destructive level than now. Just as the Ahmadu Umaru Fintriri led administration was about changing the narrative by concentrating on delivering the dividends of democracy through its 11 point agenda; working round the clock to place the State on the map of growth; the enemies of the State are at it again with their usual.

They saw a little opening with the #EndSARS movement in some States of the Federation and mischievously decided to cash in on it by instigating the carnage of Sunday, 25th-October 2020.

First, they hated the peaceful nature of the State but more significantly, they hate the new progressive narrative of development in the State. Because they are cowards, who have failed the State, they have to hide under an evil canopy to destroy even what belongs to them just to make the Fintiri-led Administration look bad.

With the loot and destruction of public institutions, just at the time when they are about to celebrate, the generality of the citizens of Adamawa State woke up to the realities of the motive of these enemies; and instead of the rating of the Fintiri-led administration going down as they planned, they saw it soaring higher.

It’s rather unfortunate that the level of condensation of some of us can be reduced to this characterless ebb. Have we ever pondered of the quantum of lost to the State as a result of the mayhem?

More than five lives lost; many injured; public institutions built with public resources destroyed; valuables worth Billions of Naira stolen; values under threat. Have we again given a little thought to the fact that the lost would require public fund which would have been channeled to other productive avenues, to rebuild?

No doubt as a State, Adamawa has gone through a colossal lost. The Government has tried its best to not only calm the situation, it has appealed to the conscience of its citizens as evidenced in the Governor’s statewide address on Monday. The perpetrators of this dastardly act, most of them misled by the fronts of the enemies of Adamawa State are returning the loot with remorse.

For every responsible citizen, if you can’t commiserate with the State at this time, the least you can do is to cheer. It is the peak of insensitivity to trivialize a common disaster and convert it into a political tool
The real masquerade behind the carnage is being unmasked.

When they ignited the fire, they got disappointed that  Governor tactfully quenched it to the admiration of the world.

Havinglost that, they resorted to depositing their insult unto the collective psyche of the citizens, unmindful of the terrifying pains people are passing through by releasing a doctored phone conversation, just to dent the image of the Governor. For these hirelings and their sponsors, everything is politics including disasters.

When the Governor, refused to be distracted by the ranting of an insensitive lot, they went ahead in their ridiculous campaign of calumny to mischievously commission a non-existent NGO to file a case on the doctored conversation just to mislead the public.

The height of this cruel insult, is the fact that they are busy pulling every nickel at their disposal to mobilize the gullible to come to the court and protest a case they instituted against themselves on a conversation they doctored. This mobilization for disorder is billed for Monday in the premises of our courts.

It’s time for Governor Fintiri to do the needful.

The good people of Adamawa State have tolerated these enemies enough. They have caused the people enough pains; they have destroyed our schools, hospitals, offices, etc; they shouldn’t be allowed to ridicule our Judiciary.

If he, as a politician is tolerant of their misconduct, our revered intuitions must be saved from this madness. Democratic freedom is being overstretched.

With the Press Statement from the APC on this matter and the utterances of its stalwarts both within the State and Abuja, it is very clear that these series of mischief are marked by their signatures. It is their own infamous definition of opposition politics – if they can’t win, they must destroy.  It is loaded with bitterness and venom.

If the whole evil machination is for 2023, let them save their energy, the journey is still a long distance away.

There is no need to be desperate to the extent of destroying the very State that they purport to want to rule. This indeed isn’t opposition. It is one desperation, too many.



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