FMC Yola Laboratory Safety Training: How to use fire extinguishers in workplace, home, other places

The Periscope fire safety reporter

The Laboratory department of the Federal Medical Centre, FMC Yola has in conjunction with fire officer of the health facility, organised a one-day training on managing fire disaster in workplace, vehicles and homes, using fire extinguisher.

Dr. Amina Shattima Shuwaram Consultant Medical Microbiologist and head of department Medical Microbiology is the coordinator of the training. She explained that due to the population size and the workload, the training was divided into two sessions to be able to cover the entire and staff of the departments.

The fire safety trainer, Mr. Hovi Afuwu who is the fire officer FMC Yola, revealed that the participants have learned how to use fire blanket, the types of and how to operate fire extinguishers, the methods of extinguishing fire caused by oxygen, fuel and/or by heat.

The participants include medical doctors, laboratory scientists, laboratory technicians and office assistants among others.

The Participants interviewed said the training was timely, informative and enlightening.

“The use of fire blanket to extinguishers fire is amazing. We’re also made to see the importance of having fire extinguishers in our offices, houses and vehicles.”

“We’re able to learn when, where and how to use fire extinguisher to manage inferno.”

“We’re now better informed about different types of fire extinguishers such as Dry Chemical Powder DCP, Foam and Carbon Dioxide; when and where to apply them. We also learned that the expiry date of fire extinguishers is six months; whether or not it is put to use, extinguisher must be refilled after every six months.”

Dr. Shattima the training coordinator thanked the management of FMC Yola for supporting the training

Certificate were presented to the participants at the end of the fire safety training.

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